Sogno un mondo con meno social e più feed RSS interessanti

Sogno un mondo (almeno, quello digitale) con meno social e più feed rss interessanti.

Sarebbe migliore per i fruitori di contenuti (e per i produttori di quelli seri).

Per la mia parte, non ho mai smesso di usarli, come il soldato giapponese che non molla il suo fortino.

Qui un articolo sul tema che vale la lettura.

Di seguito l’estratto che spiega bene perché se i feed sono così belli, non sono così conosciuti come meriterebbero:

If RSS Was So Great, Why’d It Die In The First Place

Well, Google killed Google Reader in 2013, the #1 RSS reader at the time. This was to make way for Google Plus, which failed. The sacrificial lamb was for nothing.

But Google only did what nearly everyone – including yours truly – did in 2013: leave the open, decentralized Web 1.0 for the shiny new Web 2.0 platforms. Why? Well, it was more fun & convenient.

But now in 2021, for most of us, social media is very not fun and not convenient. That’s why I went back to the future with RSS, and wrote this post encouraging you to do the same!

(Ok, RSS had two more problems: 1) Getting overwhelmed with feeds. As said above, the only cure is to trim ruthlessly. 2) RSS lets you serve text/link/image ads, but not the creepy user-tracking ads. In 2013 that was the “best” way make money on the web, but these days ad revenue is dying, and subscriptions like Patreon/Substack are thriving.)

And that’s all, folks! Now you know how to escape the attention-draining, empathy-killing, critical-thought-suffocating siren song of the algorithms. And get your inbox less cluttered with newsletters.

Here’s to a renaissance for a kinder, better web. ?”

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